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VITA: The Sustainability Issue

Sustainability: if it’s not on your mind, it should be. Given the warnings (less than a dozen years left, say some, to prevent irreversible damage from climate change—yikes) we really can’t ignore the impact we’re having on our planet any longer. And, though VITA is a magazine with a focus on, well, stuff, I do believe the kind of stuff we choose to buy, to bring into our lives and to use, can be part of the solution. That said, our September issue stars companies (and a cover designer) that are making the environment a main part of their mandates, plus goods that cherish Mother Nature (huge thanks to local influencer Randa Salloum, who helped curate our shopping guide). Also: the luxe evolution of thrifting, beauty brands that are nixing plastic packaging, and enough sustainable wines to fill your cup. Go green!

Noa Nichol

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