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VITA: May Flowers

I like being real—especially when it comes to motherhood. Hands down the hardest job I’ve ever taken on (publishing a monthly magazine is a cinch in comparison) I believe it’s important to share the downs and the ups. After all, we each experience a different and deeply personal version of motherhood, and each of these experiences is valid, true and very real. That’s why I’ve asked some of my fave fellow mamas to add their voices to this issue of VITA. Beyond their top Mother’s Day gift picks, visit us at to read Q&As with each of them that reveal what they love (and don’t love so much) about mom life. I felt it was key, beyond our mix of fashion, beauty and travel coverage, to share the marvelous, messy reality of motherhood, and honour all moms this month. Happy Mother’s Day!

Noa Nichol

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